A cradle of old civilisation, where history blends with legend, Bukovina is known for its famous painted monasteries - UNESCO patrimony: Moldovita, Sucevita, Voronet, Humor. As to the architectonic and historical aspects, the monasteries of Putna and Dragomirna are not of less importance.
  All this architectonic jewellery is completed by an extraordinary natural surrounding. The Rarau Mountain, the valley of Sucevita and of Moldova with its tributary stream, Moldovita, the pass of Golden Bistrita river, the centenary old forests from Slatioara are only a few highlights of this area.
  The popular architecture is really unique. The verandas, doors and window - frames, wells and gates are real wooden embroideries.
  In addition to this we can mention outside decorations as well, with geometrical or floral motives, stylised and coloured, found mostly in the villages along the Golden Bistrita valley, like Ciocanesti.
  The homespun, the embroideries, the decoration of Easter eggs with geometrical miniatures, the manufacturing of traditional costumes, are also important part of Bukovine's unquestionable treasury.
  Guests are welcomed heartily in Bucovina, with a glass of wine or of traditional home-made "tzuica" (plum brandy), and the local gastronomy is a real adventure with temptations: the traditional "mamaliga" (polenta) with cheese, the smoked trout and cheese, and the sarmale (meat rolls in cabbage leaves) are all local specialities waiting to be tasted by visitors. The hosts are welcoming and eager to show you their day to day life and their traditions.